Texture Laminates - Enhance The Look Of Your Modular Kitchen

Texture Laminates – Enhance The Look Of Your Modular Kitchen

Laminate is a widely popular surfacing material for modular kitchen cabinets as they are highly durable, easy to maintain, moisture resistant, and available in a wide range of textures, designs, and colors. Kitchen remodeling is incomplete without considering laminate sheets from the best laminate brand in India like Timex Mica, which offer many benefits over other alternatives. Since the modular kitchen is subjected to a lot of dirt, grime and heat, consider laminate especially texture laminate to keep all issues at bay. 

What is Texture Laminate?

Texture laminate is a decorative laminate that can be distinguished from other laminate designs based on its surface finish. Laminates with textured mica replicate the look and feel of natural materials like wood at a considerably cheaper price. They bring the rustic appeal of hardwood with the power of water resistance. Regular cleaning and maintenance are a must in the case of using laminates because deeply textured laminates may trap dirt and grime.

Why Texture Laminate for Your Kitchen?

Texture laminates improve the style and functionality of any kitchen and add depth to the overall look of your kitchen.

  • Resistance to bacteria

Texture laminate sheets are available in a huge range of attractive countertop laminate designs that also come with anti-bacterial properties. This property helps you in maintaining the integrity and safety of all the ingredients in your kitchen. You should choose texture laminate for kitchen surfaces that is designed to prevent bacterial growth to keep your family healthy.

  • Infinite Design Options

Unlike other countertop surfacing solutions, textured mica laminates come in an infinite amount of colors, designs, and patterns. For this reason, texture laminate sheets are the best solution you can have for your kitchen to create any kind of kitchen design you wish. Texture laminates allow you to have a kitchen surface of great functionality with an aesthetic appearance. For example, using texture laminate sheets of lighter shades gives an airy feel, and redwood shade for kitchen cabinets gives an earthy feel to your kitchen. From traditional designs to ultra-modern finishes, the collection of texture laminates by Timex Mica, the best laminate brand in India, has something for every possible decor idea.

  • Effortless Installation

Installing textured laminate sheets on your kitchen areas is a pretty straightforward job. Just determine the exact position to install the laminate sheet and fix them to the surface. Compared to other kitchen surfacing materials, textured mica laminate surfaces are extremely easy to clean because they are made out of kraft paper and phenolic resins. Laminated kitchen countertops and cabinets have high resistance to staining. Normally, water and a soft cloth are enough to keep your texture laminates sparkling clean.

  • Pocket-friendly

The most notable benefit of installing texture laminate sheets in your kitchen is they are pocket-friendly. Other surfacing materials like marble and granite are more costly than texture laminates and they also get easily stained or damaged. To have a perfect balance between practicality, beauty, and affordability, choose texture laminate sheets from the best laminate brand in India.

Choose perfect kitchen laminates for your home!

Timex Mica, the best laminate brand in India, offers Texture laminate sheets for kitchen which are available in several different colors, designs, and finishes, allowing you to create the kitchen interiors of your liking without any compromise. Textured mica laminate sheets are the best choices for your kitchen as the most functional and durable materials. So if you want to upgrade your kitchen, you are at the right place. Get In Touch With India’s Best Laminate Company, email at timex@timexmica.com or WhatApp on +91 70456 56070 or call +91 022 – 2613 3377 / 88.

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