Texture Laminate Sheet - Redefine Your Interiors

Texture Laminate Sheet – Redefine Your Interiors

Embellishing your home or office space with laminates is a popular trend among clients as per the interior decorators. The availability of plenty of laminate sheets in the market has given a plethora of options for the end customers. The decorative laminates manufacturers India opine that these laminates have a high gloss finish and provide a vibrant look to your space. 

Choose the best textured mica!

Textures are vital for a rich décor. The right textured mica proves to be a necessary element for your home or office space. Setting them in any room gives a pleasing effect to the ambiance and provides an excellent surface solution for your place. Its stunning colours and design give a rich look to your space.

We offer you five solid reasons; why you should choose textured mica to provide an attractive look to your space. These are:

  1. It lasts for a longer time 

As the mica sheets are prone to wear and tear, it makes them reliable and durable for a long time. 

  • It has a unique construction 

Our mica sheets give a consistent décor on the base and the surface of the space. 

  • It brings aesthetic appeal to your space 

These illuminating mica sheets decorate the space with their attractive styling solution. 

  • Provides sturdy stability 

It can withstand extreme weather changes. Our superior quality sheets can withstand common issues such as surface wearing, warping and even cracks.

  • Its use is in multiple ways

These textured mica sheets have myriad uses – to decorate multiple rooms or any corner of your space. 

Our sheets are resistant to moisture and can withstand weather changes. The multiple colour choices make it an appealing choice for the customers. Moreover, its alluring look can brighten your gloomiest of the days and give a feel-good atmosphere in the space. This beautiful mica can brighten a dull day in anyone’s life and renew his enthusiasm in life.  

Decorate your space with texture laminate

The texture laminate offers a nice work environment in the home and office. Moreover, it can assist to increase the productivity of your employees. As per the interior decorators, when you use these modern and classic designs in the workplace, it enhances work culture and even assists to build your brand’s identity. 

With texture laminate, people now have even more options to decorate their space and give it a stylish classic look. These sheets come in exotic designs. Their superior quality provides them with the ability to match different houses. These laminates can be used in contrast to offer a different and catch look to your space. If you want a subtle and redefined look to your room, then you should buy these sheets from the best decorative laminates manufacturers in India.

Buy at an affordable price

Timex Mica is among the best decorative laminates manufacturers in India. Our innovative and quality products use imported raw materials from the foreign countries. We aim to provide optimum quality to our customers. Our stylish laminates are the choice of many interior decorators and architects in India. To design your space with an exotic creative approach, do call us on +91 022 – 2613 3377 / 88 or Email us at timex@timexmica.com.

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