Timex Mica Is The Leading Decorative Laminates Manufacturer in India


Timex Mica is the indisputable leader of mica surfaces with a far-reaching presence across India. World-class decor paper and craft paper imported from the cream of the world, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Japan, USA, and Finland are used in the manufacturing of Timex Laminates. The resulting concoction is incredibly enviable in all markets.

Who says utility items cannot add vibrancy to your domain? Place Timex Laminates in your space and let the minimalist charm of these premium marvels from the greatest laminate manufacturers in India exude the effervescence of wood in your home decor.

Innovation meets European-class quality and creativity in Timex Mica, making it one of the best laminate brands in India, all at a competitive cost. Timex Mica has, therefore, become a favoured choice for architects and interior designers.


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