Timex Laminates Is The best-known Laminates Manufacturer In India

A world of infinite surface possibilities

Timex Mica is the indisputable leader of mica surfaces with a far-reaching presence across India. World-class decor paper and kraft paper imported from the cream of the world, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Japan, USA, and Finland are used in its manufacturing. The resulting concoction is incredibly enviable in all markets.

Innovation meets European-class quality and creativity in Timex, making it one of the top 10 laminate brands in India, all at a competitive cost. Timex has, therefore, become a favoured choice for architects and interior designers.

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The essential piece for your dream interior

Our exquisite designs cater to every dream. For every expression, there is a trending design in decorative laminate sheets available. These designs have now become the essence of modern living, redefining premium lifestyle, and opening a door to infinite surface possibilities for countless people.

Amp up the glamour of your space with the best laminates in India. Carved in premium quality, these bespoke solutions are a perfect combination of firmness and delicate features.

Catering to a wide array of project requirements, residential, offices, public areas, and commercial projects, our laminates are the choice of renowned developers, world-class architects and interior designers, pan India.

Based on the latest trends, Timex Mica offers a variety of textures from European Moulds. With their superior artistry and unique patterns, they make your interiors come alive. All the more, our specially crafted Hardened Steel Textures Moulds take your laminates closer to nature.

One of the best mica in india.

Timex’s ‘High-pressure Hot Water Technology’ furnishes high-pressure laminates that are completely immune to warping or air pockets defects; and Special Overlay Tissues, which are utilised to achieve maximum surface abrasion resistance. Thus, helping us produce the best mica in India.

Why Laminates?

Laminates have plenty of advantages over other materials. Mentioned below are a few that make them such an irresistible choice for home and commercial interior enhancements.

  • Highly resistant to abrasion, breaking, and failure
  • Extremely low water-absorbing capacity
  • Highly resistant to high temperatures
  • Highly resistant to moisture
  • Vertical and horizontal application of the material allows design
  • Flexibility for commercial & residential use
  • Pleasantly low costing as compared with wooden laminates
  • Possessing post-forming features
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