Everything You Need to Know About Decorative Laminates

Everything You Need to Know About Decorative Laminates

Decorative laminates are the preferred choice for surfaces. These laminates are well-suited and ideal for tabletops, living room and kitchen cabinets and bedroom floors. These are the popular choice due to their different patterns and colors and which suit to any interior. High-quality decorative laminates are available which can withstand exposure to both heat and moisture. Decorative laminates become the best choice for different furniture designs including office cubicles, cabinets, shelves and doors. These laminates are also known for their appeal. They are an eco-friendly and budget-friendly choice to solid wood. To give an authentic look to furniture, floors and wall coverings, decorative laminates is the finest choice. These laminates serve to variety of purposes.

Decorative Laminates – Different Popular Types

Decorative laminates are a kind of laminate which are available in different designs printed on them. These are also used as a base for decorative projects. These can be easily applied to many surfaces. Opting for laminates is the best option to replace old wall tiles with unique ones. These also help to differentiate surfaces by providing a rough surface for beautifying. A few popular kinds of decorative laminates available are discussed below:

  • Gloss-finish laminates,
  • Textured laminates
  • Matte-finish laminates,
  • Acrylic finish laminates,
  • Exterior laminates,
  • Anti-bacteria laminates,
  • Countertop laminates,
  • high-pressure laminates

Major Advantages of Decorative Laminates

Decorative laminates are comparatively affordable, which make them the preferred option for use in residential as well as commercial setting. These laminates provide a variety of advantages if used in place of customary wall coverings. A few major advantages of opting for decorative laminates are:

  • Easy Customization –
    Decorative laminates cater to every kind of requirement.When it comes to decorate house or premise, people want to choose best laminate designs. According to their taste, they can get it customized easily as per the arrangement of the rooms.
  • Wide Variety –
    A wide range is available in decorative laminates to choose from. There are different designs, colors and textures in decorative laminates which enable to make home décor easy
  • Easy to Afford and Maintain –
    The material used and installation process involved in making of decorative laminates does not cost high and this makes them the preferred choice of many people for residential and commercial projects.  These laminates are easy to maintain which further reduces the long-term cost.
  • Durable –
    Attributes of decorative laminates such as resilience to stains and damage increase their lifespan. These laminates are built to last as these have been made from a combination of protective and stain resistant materials.

There are many options available in decorative laminates and everyone chooses according to their home décor need. Stone laminate texture is also preferred by many people as they are more sophisticated and refined. A huge array of high-performance, sturdy and aesthetically appealing laminates are provided by decorative laminates manufacturers India. Decorative laminates strike the correct balance between functionality and aesthetics and consequently transform interior space to striking space. Several designs and variety is available in decorative laminates with the combination of architectural skills and modern technology.

Experience the beauty and durability of Timex Mica decorative laminates

Timex Mica is a company based in India that specializes in the manufacturing of decorative laminates. We offer a wide range of laminates for various applications such as furniture, wall panels, and flooring. We use advanced technology and high-quality raw materials to produce durable and attractive laminates.

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