Enhance the Décor of Your House With a Unique Range of Laminates

Enhance the Décor of Your House With a Unique Range of Laminates

Laminates accentuate the beauty and durability of surface as they add value to the design. They enhance the look of any home and hugely used on kitchen cabinets, partitions, wardrobes, desktops and many more. They are available in layered sheets as well as strong adhesives bound them together. Laminates provide a smooth and highly polished surface to the wooden core along with protecting the wooden core. They are ubiquitous surfacing material, which fulfill the preferred style by going a long way and transforming the décor. Several various kinds of laminates are available to choose from.

Modern trends are available to suit home décor. So be ready give that astonishing look to your house with different laminate décor styles. As laminates are available in different textures and colors, they can be used for both home and business settings. Diverse range available in laminate designs allows to décor any room of the house for different functions. Connect with us today at Timex Mica to get the best services and provide your home with perfect makeover by choosing our unique range of laminates. We are one of the best laminates manufactures in India.

Even if, a range of finishes are available in laminates, there are a few commonly used laminates finished such as smooth, matte, medium to high gloss laminate finishes. Now let us discuss about the major advantages of various laminates finish types:

  • Laminates are more resistant and perfect suit. These are built to last by providing high durability.
  • Laminates are easy to maintain and don’t need to worry about stains and scratches. Only wiping the surface once in a while for dust is needed.
  • Laminates save time and money on labor as they are easy to install.
  • Laminates provide the natural surface appearance as they are made up of engineered material. They provide natural appearance and feel.  
  • Once the best laminate finish type is chosen, people do not need to worry regarding the finishing details with laminate unlike tiles or paint, which should be finished after application.

Why to choose laminates from Timex Mica?

As Timex Mica is reputed and famous laminates company in India, it aims at providing laminates that are easy to maintain, durable and moisture resistant. As a huge collection of colors, texture and designs offered in laminates by Timex Mica, it becomes easy to give stunning look to kitchen. Texture laminates provided by Timex Mica work best and give that fresh look to modular kitchen. Considering texture laminates is the best option for keeping all the issues at bay. We serve as best laminate brand in India and have been in the industry for decades. Textured mica laminate sheets are one of the finest selections to upgrade your kitchen. These sheets are the most durable and functional materials. Hence, if you are looking for such laminated sheets, then you have come at the right place. Contact us to fulfill all the laminates related needs.

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