Reasons Why You Must Choose Laminates in Place of Paints

Reasons Why You Must Choose Laminates in Place of Paints

Are you thinking of an alternative option for walls instead of paints when it comes to home renovation? Even though paints have been an inexplicable choice for most homeowners for home decor, the laminates company in India have come up with cost-efficient surfacing solutions to give your homes a new look. As per interior decorators, laminates have significantly altered the traditional paint decisions when it comes to remodeling homes. Let us understand why laminates are a perfect choice to beautify your space.

Reasons why laminates are a perfect choice over paints!

The decorative laminate sheets are the best option for ultimate superior aesthetics when it comes to refurbishing your space. Here are a few reasons why you should prefer them in place of paints:

  1. Easy Installation: Painting is a time-consuming endeavour and usually occupies several days for the whole space. On the other hand, using laminates takes less time and reduces the Labour intensity for work 

  2. Superb aesthetics: It assists to blend uniqueness and practicality in a unique way 

  3. Abrasion resistance: Their robust manufacturing assist in resisting the impact of scratches, scuffs or stains 

  4. Variety: The wide range of colours, designs, patterns and textures in laminate sheets from the laminate manufacturers in India give multiple surfacing solutions for customers to choose from when it comes to beautifying their space

  5. Multiple applications: These sheets come with unlimited applications& can be used for decorating your walls, furniture, cabinets and other furnishings 

  6. Enduring: They are durable, long-lasting and robust as compared to paints

  7. Value for money: Paints require timely touch-ups or even renewals if the condition is not so good. On the other hand, decorative laminates have less maintenance, are inexpensive and often require one-time cost at the installation time for many years 

  8. Acts as an insulating layer: The decorative sheets often work as an insulating layer. It assists in controlling room temperatures and ensures proper heat absorption. Also, it helps in reducing moisture levels to make the space comfortable

  9. Easy maintenance: Painted walls are difficult to maintain as compared to sheets. According to the interior decorators, stains on walls or dirt requires re-painting after regular intervals. Comparatively, regular dusting and cleaning with a wet wipe cloth can assist in the maintenance of laminates easily. It also ensures that your space is clean and provides a hygienic environment 

  10. No adverse health effects: Paint fumes can expose less-immune people to allergic infections or reactions in their body causing blisters, irritation or discomfort. The laminate sheets from well-known manufacturers have no known health impact on individuals of all ages 

Choose an exemplary decor for your house!

The laminate sheets from Timex Mica are the epitome of your class and are a reflection of your personality. We are the best laminates manufacturers in India who supply imported laminate sheets to add vibrancy to your domain. Our strengths of innovation, quality and creativity in them will surely add a charming presence to your space. Check our laminate sheets on the website to place your home decor order with us. 

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