An Overview of Different Types of High-Pressure Laminates

An Overview of Different Types of High-Pressure Laminates

Looking to revamp your exteriors into a dream? A dream that tells a tale of your choices and attitude towards life? Make a classic impression on everyone with High-Pressure Laminates (HPL), the solution to all your exterior house decoration woes.

What are High-Pressure Laminates?

Manufactured using a wood fiber core covered with decorative paper sheets soaked in phenolic resin, designer HPL is a marvel material that exterior designers love for multiple reasons. These laminates are applicable in a variety of spaces including homes and offices. Make them a part of your outside settings including verandahs, porches, and pool-side places to add a dash of glamour to your area.

In this article, we’ll help shed light on the different types of laminates and the best high-pressure laminates manufacturer in the market at present.

Compact Laminate Sheets for Awe-Inspiring Exteriors

Compact HPLs – Following the latest global trends, the compact HPLs are in line with the demands of the market. These are consistently being used and recommended wholeheartedly by architects, designers, and construction developers across our nation.

An Answer to All Durability Woes

  • Double layered and highly efficient against rough weather and harsh UV rays, the compact HPLs are suitable for your exteriors in every way.
  • These are corrosion-free, resistant to abrasions, and chemicals.
  • Easy to clean, quick wipe-off
  • Lightweight, beautiful long-lasting designs
  • Double hardened, stable against high impact & thermal shocks
  • Anti-soiling and anti-fouling
  • Excellent stability, superior-grade material

One Exterior Solution for All

Whether it’s a commercial complex, shopping mall, bungalows, industrial structures, apartments, or any other township, our compact decorative laminate sheets are your go-to exterior facades.

Countless Exteriors Waiting To Add Sophistication to your Space

A variety of glamorous and matte textures are available these days. Now you can reinvent your exteriors and lifestyles with laminates that complement your stature and space.

Quick Delivery, Superior Service

Quickest deliver is possible even with mass production and delivery.

Warranty of 10 years

Our abstract laminates promise durability and come with a warranty of 10 years. Certainly, an assurance of optimum quality in all respects.

Easy Going

Easy to install and dismantle & adaptable to new technologies. What’s more? It doesn’t involve maintenance costs.


These products are eco-friendly and future safe for the generations to keep. Fit for environmentally sensitive people because as they say any revolution begins at home.

Why Timex HPLs for exteriors?

Timex Bond is a leading HPL sheets manufacturer in India. For exquisitely extraordinary exteriors, our High-Pressure Laminates are considered to be one of the most durable materials in the market, having special performance abilities including chemical, fire, impact, and wear resistance. All the more, they offer excellent dimensional stability even at high temperatures. These laminates come in a wide variety and can blend in any setting effortlessly.

For any kind of exterior façade, get in touch with us to browse 60 exclusive designs.

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