Laminate Manufacturers in India - The Right Choice for Contemporary Homes

Laminate Manufacturers in India – The Right Choice for Contemporary Homes

A home is not made of bricks and mortar alone, but hopes and dreams as well. It’s the place where you come back at the end of your day, whether it’s lavish or modest.  It’s up to you how you decorate it, so let your interiors tell a story of who you are if you want to make your home unforgettable. In modern-day houses, every design element including colors and finishes complement each other and resonate with the aspirations of their owners.


As technology is progressing rapidly and the standard of living is enhancing with each passing day, decorating homes and commercial spaces is becoming a challenge. The reason is there are an array of options available to design your home and to confuse you. But while shopping for interiors have you ever come across mica, also known as laminates? The best laminate brands in India like Timex Mica have a range of decorative patterns and coloured surfaces for a lot more products than you can imagine. It is the most commonly used finishing layer for MDF, particleboard, wooden furniture, plywood, flooring, and wall panels.


Laminates have countless applications in contemporary houses – living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, wardrobes, dining, etc.


Why should you go for Laminates?

Here are some qualities of Timex mica that are a must-have for any laminate manufacturer in India:

  1. Impervious to heat, corrosion, termites, and water.
  2. Are treated to have antibacterial properties.
  3. Far more durable than the other substitutes available.
  4. Quite economical and long-lasting
  5. Come in various colors, patterns, and textures
  6. Scratch-resistant and easy to clean.
  7. Come in countless finishing options.


Pay attention to these points while selecting laminates for your home:

  1. Check for the maintenance, sustainability, and price of the one which you are planning to buy.
  2. They are somewhat different from each other when it comes to using them in different spaces. So choose wisely according to the need that you wish to meet.
  3. Laminate sheets with antibacterial properties are great to use in Kitchens.
  4. For water-resistant laminate, check for the right option that is a perfect fit for the areas where water is the main concern. 
  5. We recommend glossy or ultra-glossy sheets for Kitchen and Wardrobes
  6. Closely consider the finishes for size, durability, cost, installation, repair and maintenance, replacement.
  7. The most important point is you should be vigilant enough which laminate to Opt and Avoid.
  8. Carefully consider the weight factor. Also, the look and feel.
  9. A textured laminate sheet is less prone to scratches but is not that easy to clean.


Nothing but the best for you!

Timex Mica offers some of the finest grade compact and durable laminates in India. Our laminates are not just economically affordable but also suitable for any kind of interior. Our client base comprises architects, interior designers, and builders. We can also customize our laminates to complement the color and theme of your interior. So if you are planning to make some major renovations in terms of interiors, give Timex Mica a chance and feel the joy of the best results and enhanced visual appeal of your space.

Decorative Laminate Sheets – Influence Your Living Space Interior

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