Woodgrain Laminates - An Ideal for Modern Wardrobes

Woodgrain Laminates – An Ideal for Modern Wardrobes

Modern wooden laminate designs are encouraging customers to go beyond the traditional designs for wardrobes. The woodgrain laminate has been widely accepted by customers for its aesthetic beauty and ability to offer an environment-friendly look to the wardrobes in their accommodation. Furthermore, its various benefits make the interior decorators describe it as Beauty of the Wood which embellishes your wardrobes with an exotic appearance. 

This wooden texture mica in laminates comes with various types of advantages such as,

  • It can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe of a wet cloth 
  • It is easy to maintain as these laminates are waterproof and scratch-resistant
  • It does not need polishing or painting 
  • It is resistant to shock and moisture
  • It is durable and can maintain its shine for a long time

Why Choose Wooden Texture Mica For Wardrobes?

As these laminates provide a quintessential appearance, it is not only turning out to be an ideal wall background for your homes but also a nuanced option for wardrobes to give them a distinguished look. These laminates stand out from the rest of the interior in your room and give the wardrobe a classic eye-catchy representation that would just amaze the on-lookers. Selecting the right laminate wooden texture can prove useful to blend it with the room décor to enhance the overall feel of the space.  

The laminates can be classified based on their manufacturing process, thickness and surface. Also, as per the information given by laminate manufacturers, the different types of decorative laminates for the wardrobe available in the market today are as follows:

  1. Surface Finish-Based: Metallic Laminate 
  2. Textured Laminate
  3. Glossy Laminate
  4. Wood-Grain Laminate
  5. Digital Laminate
  6. Matt Laminate
  7. Solid Color Laminate
  8. Low-Pressure Laminate (LPL)
  9. High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)
  10. Regular Laminates
  11. Compact Laminates

Features of Wooden Grain Laminate

If you are still wondering why wooden laminates are a perfect fit for the wardrobe in your space, here are some features that would fasten your decision:

  • Durability: It comes with a long shelf life 
  • Easy on budget: If you are on a strict budget, this laminate is comparatively a better option as compared to natural wood and veneer options
  • Easy maintenance: These laminates require very simple cleaning techniques like wiping with a wet cloth and no extra maintenance
  • Luxurious designs: It gives a rich look to your wardrobe 

Choose a sophisticated aesthetic for your wardrobes!

Timex Mica is a well-known laminates company in India that has been in the industry for decades. We are reputed for providing stunning finished wood grain laminate sheets that are imported from foreign countries. Our collection of classic laminates makes us the preferred brand for all types of laminates across the nation. Customers can blindly rely on our material to add splendour to their wardrobes to give the room an enchanting appearance. We take pride in providing the latest imported laminate sheet designs to give your space a sophisticated appearance. Contact us to get the best woodgrain laminate at pocket-friendly prices!

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